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Children mistake laundry ‘pods,’ medication for candy

Children mistake laundry ‘pods,’ medication for candy
News from Billings Gazette:

A 3-year-old child was recently brought to the Billings Clinic Emergency Department coughing, gagging and spitting up soap bubbles.

The child had mistaken one of her mother’s multicolored, gummy-like laundry detergent pods for candy and attempted to eat it.

“The child ate it all,” said Dr. Ron Winters, the emergency room physician who first encountered the child. “Apparently they are not that noxious in taste.”

He referred the child to St. Vincent Healthcare, which has a pediatric intensive care unit.

It is the first known incident in Billings, but it is happening with such frequency across the nation that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning to parents about the bite-size packets. It says exposure to the detergent pods is an emerging public health hazard in the United States.

In a 30-day period this past summer, there were 1,008 cases of detergent poisoning among children, according to the CDC. Of those cases, 486 were linked to pods, neon-colored packets of laundry soap.

Ninety-four percent of poisonings from laundry detergent are among kids younger than 6, according to the CDC report. And, those who ingested pods were usually sicker than those who ate other forms of laundry detergent.

Dr. Jeffrey DeMare, a pediatric intensivist at St. Vincent Healthcare, said that with the single-dose ca…………… continues on Billings Gazette

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