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10 Effective Ways To Use Bleach

10 Effective Ways To Use Bleach
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Bleaching powder is one of the most underrated ingredients in your household. Most people stock up bleach and use it sparingly. They use bleach only to whiten clothes and in some cases to clean up some difficult corners of their homes. However, the scope of using bleaching powder is much wider than you think.

Bleach has many uses when it comes to cleaning. The most obvious use of this cleaning agent is for maintaining the white clothes. a little bit of bleach along with detergent can make your white clothes and sheets sparkle. But there are other4 unusual ways to use bleaching powder for cleaning your home. You can clean your electronic appliances like microwave and washing machine with this powder. It removes water stains very quickly. Bleach also has steralising properties.You can use it to get rid of algae and clean instruments.

There are many smart and effective uses of bleach that you may not have come across. So apart from bleaching your clothes or tiles, you can do much more with this ingredient. If you want to a good home-maker, use these cleaning tips to use bleach to its fullest. If you have some other cleaning tips using bleach as an ingredient, then share it with us.

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