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All About Your Dog’s Teeth

All About Your Dog’s Teeth
News from Global Animal:

(PET HEALTH) Wondering why your dog’s breath is so stinky? When was the last time they had their teeth cleaned? Get ready for National Pet Dental Health Month in February with some bad breath fighting information. Ciara Black is a Global Animal contributor from the Dog Help Network, a resource for dog health related websites. Read on for why she says cleaning your dog’s teeth is important, and for tips on doing it right. — Global Animal

By Ciara Black

Caring for your dog’s teeth is extremely beneficial. Surprisingly, cleaning your dog’s teeth is one of the most commonly overlooked tasks of owning a pet. When it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth, it is important to understand the best practices for his oral care.

About 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease and other dental problems by age 3. Catching dog dental problems early will help to avoid serious dental ailments in the future. The best way to catch any possible dental issues is to have your dog’s teeth cleaned by a professional, and then keeping up on his oral care at home every week to two weeks.

Your dog’s teeth start to come in at about 3 to 4 weeks old. These teeth will eventually fall out to make room for adult teeth. Once these permanent teeth have…………… continues on Global Animal

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Ask James Caan… Business tips for London entrepreneurs
News from Evening Standard:

30 Jan 2012

How do I find staff without paying the fees of an agent?

Dear James
My husband and I have a small cleaning and property business and would like to employ someone to help grow and run it, perhaps a graduate. Where does one find someone without huge agency fees?
Alex Daly, Guardsman Cleaning

James says: If this is about “running” your business then no one will do that better than you. But if you need help you must assess the risk, especially when employing someone less experienced than you. For example, what’s the cost to you if it goes wrong?

It sounds as if you need someone who has work experience rather than a graduate. If you are thinking about “growing” your business then that’s about selling and you need someone with appropriate skills. If it’s literally “running” the business, then that’s an operational function and involves IT, HR, health and safety, etc. You need to identify what the role entails.

Crystallise the requirements and then put it into a proper job description.

If you don’t have a budget then start with social media – a very powerful tool for recruitment. You could also contact universities directly as they have news boards and e-newsletters you can use to alert students to your vacancy. There are also online recruit…………… continues on Evening Standard

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4″ x 6.5″ Gold and Silver Jewelry Instant Cleaning and Polishing Cloth Restores Shine

  • Gem Avenue Sku# GASC
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Jewelry Cleaning Cloth
  • Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing Cloth
  • Best for Silver Cleaning
  • 4″ x 6.5″

Cleans Silver and Gold Jewelry. A good buy to keep your Jewelry Fresh.Dimension of this Jewelry Cleaning cloth is 4″ x 6.5″ Ring will be shipped in a Free gift box making it easy for you to surprise your special someone.

Thank you for shopping at Gem Avenue!  

List Price: $ 13.99


Jonathan Takiff: ‘White Goods’ go high-tech

Jonathan Takiff: ‘White Goods’ go high-tech
News from Sacramento Bee:

THE GIZMO: Kitchen and laundry appliances are called “white goods” by retailers. Firstly, because the items always come (and once upon a time were available only) in white. Second, because these refrigerators and stoves, washers and dryers traditionally were as boring and indistinguishable as containers of milk.

But in recent years, goaded largely by upstart, now market-leading South Korean makers LG and Samsung, white goods have been introducing nifty, high-tech features. For 2012, top-of-the-line models will be almost as colorful to behold and enjoy as the animated toys and cars in a Pixar movie, the better to turn on today’s perpetually plugged-in consumer.

MAYTAG LEADS A CHARGE: While maybe not the sexiest, Maytag’s AquaLift technology for automated oven cleaning is among the most practical of new features. And it was dreamed up in the USA.

Materializing Feb. 1 at a big-box store near you, this “first in 50 years” improvement combines a newfangled nonstick oven liner with a novel water mist and a surprisingly low 200-degree heat cycle.

When all’s said and done (in just a couple of hours), you still have to wipe out the oven. But no caustic chemicals are involved. And none of that burning smell, nor the permanent scarring of the oven door’s glass window that occurs with conventional 800-degree self-cleaning.

That’s…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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Where do you call home?
News from Varsity:

In first year, I convinced my parents to help put me up in residence at New College. Calling what I experienced total freedom would be incorrect. I made compromises with my roommate and adhered (mostly) to college rules, but those were marginal concessions. At first, living in res was a real pleasure.

But as time went on, I discovered that the students I lived with were a tad studious for my taste and were largely serial introverts. It wasn’t the social environment I’d been pining for in the months leading up to September. Sure, I didn’t have to answer to my parents, but the arrangement wasn’t perfect.

Over the course of my university years, I’ve pretty much seen it all. From frats to shared flats to moving back in with the fam, I’ve had my share of university living arrangements and each one has its ups and downs. Many students won’t have a choice at all, either with parents too far from campus or with the only affordable option being to stay with the ‘rents. So, where do you live?


Having moved to Toronto from Windsor, fourth-year sexual diversity studies student Natasha Novac discovered student co-ops early on as a cheap and gratifying living option. Natasha lived in co-ops for her first three years as a student and considers herself an advocate of the co-op system… with a few reservations.

“One of th…………… continues on Varsity

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Tips for spending time together as a family

Tips for spending time together as a family
News from ReporterNews.com:

Spending quality time with your family is only as difficult as you allow it to be. Setting aside a specific time and establishing it as routine will help your children adjust to it, too. It’s not too late to make a family resolution to spend more time together in 2012.

Meal time is always a great time to bring the family together, said Martha Alice Spraberry, family and consumer science agent for the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Taylor County.

“Suppertime is a good way to bring the family back together and wind the day down,” Spraberry said. “As my children got older and more involved in athletics, we made a commitment to have breakfast together.”

Spraberry suggested having children help prepare the meal, or, if they are younger, they can help plan the menu for a meal.

“Even cleaning up after a meal is a good bonding experience,” Spraberry said. “It not only gives you more time together after the meal, but also teaches responsibility.”

We’ve all heard the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Educators have been touting this mantra since the dawn of time, especially on test days.

“Often people will say their family doesn’t eat breakfast, and this is something I think they need to look at,” Spraberry said. “We all need breakfast to fuel our minds and our bodies. Plus it is a good way to start the day…………… continues on ReporterNews.com

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Lorene Bartos: Cleaning your computer

Lorene Bartos: Cleaning your computer
News from Lincoln Journal Star:

Getting organized and cleaning is a New Year’s resolution for many. We clean rooms, closets, drawers and storage areas, but we must remember to clean the computer.

If your computer keyboard no longer offers the same snappy performance it did when it was new or if your mouse pointer moves sporadically or tends to stick in one position or if the mouse itself is a little tacky to the touch, it may be a sign some cleaning is in order.

Gunk, grime and germs are the natural by-products of computer use. The American Cleaning Institute has some tips for giving those problems a clean sweep.

Before you begin, check the owner’s manual for  cleaning instructions specific to your keyboard, mouse or monitor.

No matter what type of equipment you have to clean, the first step is to shut down your computer and unplug from the power source.


With your computer turned off and unplugged, disconnect the keyboard.

Use compressed air to clean between the keys. Hold the container so you are spraying at an angle to dislodge dust and grime more efficiently.

Turn the keyboard over and shake it gently to dislodge crumbs and loose dust. It’s best to do this over a trash can. Repeat spraying and gently shaking until no more particles fall out.

Spray a small amount of all-purpose cleaner on a soft, clean ra…………… continues on Lincoln Journal Star

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A few tips on dental do’s and don’ts
News from Youngstown Vindicator:

Published: Sun, January 29, 2012 @ 12:00 a.m.

The biggest reason for delaying dental care is cost, according to a Consumer Reports survey that asked readers to describe the dental health and cosmetic treatments they received in the last five years.

Cost was cited as a barrier by 43 percent of readers who delayed care. The survey also reveals that only a third of readers are brushing and flossing when they should, and that some patients might be paying for treatments they don’t need.

Some examples of potentially unnecessary treatments are teeth whitening, amalgam-filling replacement, unnecessary restorations, precautionary removal of wisdom teeth, X-rays and surgery for TMJ disorder.


Seventeen percent of respondents who had a dental procedure for health reasons said they delayed it, notes the report. Even readers with insurance put off a treatment they needed; 23 percent did so because insurance wouldn’t cover the procedure, and 24 percent because they had already used up the maximum that their insurance plan would cover for the year. According to Consumer Reports, there are several ways consumers can keep costs down or get by without insurance:

Shop around and bargain. Look up typical insurance rates in your area at FairHealth- Consumer.org and HealthCareBlueBook.com, then ask providers to accept that amount…………… continues on Youngstown Vindicator

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The Cleaning Encyclopedia
The ultimate guide to the art of cleaning, this reference is packed with professional secrets for getting maximum results through …
Household Cleaning: Self-Sufficiency (The Self-Sufficiency Series)
A handsome, practical green cleaning handbook for every eco-savvy consumer.Most conventional store-bought cleaning products are pa…

Tips on buying a new toilet seat

Tips on buying a new toilet seat
News from The Seattle Times:

Q: I know this sounds like a basic question, but I want to make sure I get things right. My wife informed me that my job was to get a new toilet seat. Can you give me some tips? What type of material should the seat be made of?

— Fred, Virginia

A: When it comes to making the right choice in toilet seats, you really need to consider three issues:

Toilet style and color. Toilet seats basically come in two shapes: elongated (egg-shaped) or round (circular). Check your toilet to confirm the correct seat needed. For color, you can take your toilet-tank lid with you to the home store to make sure the new seat’s color matches.

Make and material. Buy a well-known brand name, and spend the extra money for a quality seat material. Polypropylene, basically a hard plastic material, is a very good choice. Think of it as going to a big sporting event, and stay away from the cheap seats.

Features and maintenance. Many new toilet-seats lower slowly. These seats include technology that prevents the seat from slamming into the bowl. Also, look for a seat that unlocks at the hinge and can be removed easily from the bowl. This is a great cleaning feature, and can help put a lid on any toilet-seat odor issues.

Master plumber Ed D…………… continues on The Seattle Times

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Double Duty: Creative Uses for Everyday Items in Your Hom

Double Duty: Creative Uses for Everyday Items in Your Hom
News from The People Speak Out:

One of the best ways to save money is to make your purchases do double duty. Not only does it help you make frugal choices in the grocery store, but creative uses for everyday items can reduce the amount of harsh chemicals you use in home cleaning and stop the need for pricey one-use products.

  1. Castille soap. Sick of dishwashing liquid and laundry soap eating into your household budget? Andrew Schrage, financial expert for MoneyCrashers.com recommends a multipurpose soap instead. “One of the best finds I ever made is a product called Pure Castille Soap. A variety of manufacturers have it, though I personally use Dr. Bronner’s. It is 100% organic, and completely safe. The cost was a little worrisome at first ($ 9 for 32 ounces). However, it is so concentrated that it is easily worth the money. I use it as dish washing liquid, part of homemade laundry detergent recipes, all-purpose cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner.”
  2. Newspaper. Even if you religiously recycle your newspapers each week, you could be missing the chance to reuse your papers first. Newspapers can be messy, but they still offer some of the easiest and most creative uses for everyday items imaginable. For instance, do you lo…………… continues on The People Speak Out

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Cleaning Companies advise on best cleaning practise
News from Fastklean:


New research questioned a number of Cleaning Companies to discover the best way to keep a tidy house and how often homeowners should reach for the vacuum cleaner.

Responding to a survey by Angie’s List, a consumer review service, Cleaning Companies advised that when it comes to frequency of cleaning, people should tackle the big jobs once a week, but do small jobs daily.

Bathrooms are an important room to consider in a cleaning schedule, and the Cleaning Companies recommended that this room is tackled weekly, according to the survey, which was reported on HispanicBusiness.com.

Cleaners should start with the bathtub and sink, they advised, and wipe down all the surfaces, which will hopefully prevent mildew and soap scum, before scrubbing the toilet and allowing the detergent to soak in for several minutes before wiping it off. Lastly, mop the floor.

The kitchen is another room that it is essential to keep clean, and takes a lot of upkeep. Dishes should be washed and the sink and countertops wiped daily, while the floor should also be given a lot of attention.

In both the kitchen and bathroom steam works fantastically, it was noted, as a steam cleaner both powers off grime and…………… continues on Fastklean

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Bio Tips for Pearly White Teeth

Bio Tips for Pearly White Teeth
News from WorlDental.org:

January 27th, 2012
Dental Health Magazine
Categories: Oral Hygiene
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  • Tips to Avoid Teeth Discoloration and Remove Stains
  • How to Get Pearly White Teeth By Christmas
  • Eat & Drink Right: Foods that are Good for Dental Health

Search for Dental Articles about…

When you go to a cosmetic continues on WorlDental.org

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Expert tips on birds (and furry friends)
News from The Westerly Sun:

Although the 50 or so people gathered at Westerly’s Agway store Tuesday night were clearly interested in hearing how to attract more wild birds to their feeders and yards, they were just as curious about ways to keep the squirrels away.

Much to their delight, Tom “The Bird Guy” Young offered tips on both. Young, a birding expert who works for Agway Stores, shared stories and offered advice to his audience for more than an hour as he stood before a long table full of bird food, bird feeders and birdbaths.

“Yes, we’ll talk about squirrels,” Young told the audience who responded with laughs and sighs. “Remember, squirrels have nothing else to do but figure out how to get into your bird feeders.”

But first, the birds.

Birdwatchers belong to a very large group, said Young. With the more than 60 million people in the United States who enjoy birds, it’s the second largest hobby in the country, he said.

“I think only NASCAR has more fans,” he chuckled, adding that taking care of birds is a cross-generational hobby, fun and relaxing for the whole family.

“I gave my grandchildren bird feeders, my parents love it, it’s for everybody,” he said.

“Why do we feed the birds?” he asked. Because we love to hear them sing and it’s a great nature experience for kids … just for starters, he said.

The basics of b…………… continues on The Westerly Sun

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Clean House Clean Planet

How many times have you said you’re killing yourself trying to keep your house clean? You might have been joking, but you’re closer to the truth than you think if you’re using expensive commercial cleansers. Karen Logan, an environmentalist with years of experience developing and selling her own line of eco-friendly cleaning products, reveals the secret of using simple, ordinary ingredients life baking soda, vinegar, soap, lemon juice, and salt to make safe, inexpensive cleaners.

List Price: $ 14.95


Tips for cleaning small appliances

Tips for cleaning small appliances
News from Local 10:

  • Small Text
  • Medium Text
  • Large Text

iStock / winterling

By Cris Carl, Networx

For the most part, there is little to no need for strong chemicals or cleaning solutions when cleaning appliances in your kitchen. You can accomplish a great deal with elbow grease and hot soapy water using a dish detergent with grease-cutting ingredients. You can also clean any small appliance with vinegar (either diluted or full-strength) or a baking soda paste. Do not use harsh abrasives or steel wool. Use non-scratch sponges or synthetic scrubbers for cleaning appliances.


Important thing to do…………… continues on Local 10

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House of Havoc: How to Make–and Keep–a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids, and Other Difficult Roommates
The cupboards are overflowing, the linen closet holds towels and tools, and your once tidy family room might as well come with a r…

Ms. Cheap: Move yields treasure trove of tips

Ms. Cheap: Move yields treasure trove of tips
News from The Tennessean:

I recently was forced to go through drawers, stacks and boxes of “stuff’’ as we prepared for our department’s move from one part of The Tennessean’s building to the other.

Lucky for me, I found all kinds of tips and ideas in yellowed newsletters, old contest entries from readers and scribbled notes to myself.

I decided that the only way I could throw them out would be if I shared them with you first. Thus begins my new occasional feature that I will call “cheap tricks.’’

» You should know that you can get a free ticket for your “baby’s first circus” from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Just go to www.ringling.com and sign up. Of course, it’s too late to get the voucher in time for this week’s “Greatest Show on Earth” at Bridgestone Arena, but it’s good to know for next year. Just register your baby, up to 12 months old, and a ticket voucher will be sent in the mail that can be exchanged for a free ticket to any Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance, anytime, anywhere. And there’s no expiration date.

» “With all of the squawking about people having chickens laying eggs in their backyards here in Nashville, it is good to know that you can freeze eggs! According to Faithful Provisions blogger Kelly Hancock, an article in We…………… continues on The Tennessean

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El Dorado Hills Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Suggests Tips for Remodeling
News from Middle East North Africa Financial Network:

(MENAFN Press) (EMAILWIRE.COM, January 25, 2012 ) El Dorado Hills CA The El Dorado Hills Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is often called to help homeowners put the finishing touches on their laundry room remodeling projects. The Wizard has lots of ideas for making the laundry area into a more organized and functional room. Gina Fazil, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard urges homeowners who are in the process of remodeling their laundry room or relocating the washer and dryer to a more convenient location to consult a professional when it comes time to install the appliances.

Though dryer vent installation is a simple concept, there are a few very critical rules that must be applied. Gina explains, Too much slope in the dryer exhaust pipe or sloping in the wrong direction can create a ventilation problem and make the very best, solid metal dryer vent system into a fire hazard or an energy hog!

According to the El Dorado Hills Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard, a modern convenience in newer homes locates the washer and dryer upstairs near bedrooms, in a large hallway closet, located in the center of the home. This can be a safety issue when the clothes dryer needs a longer ventilation system that may require more bends, Fazil explained. A longer dryer vent tube means slower air flow which can allow more lint to become trapped and lead to a fire hazard.

Relocati…………… continues on Middle East North Africa Financial Network

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Babysitter ‘poured cleaning detergent down child’s throat because she thought …

Babysitter ‘poured cleaning detergent down child’s throat because she thought …
News from Daily Mail:

By Meghan Keneally

Last updated at 2:42 PM on 25th January 2012

A woman who was overwhelmed while babysitting claimed that the month-old baby was evil and was arrested after allegedly pouring cleaning powder down the child’s throat.

Mabinty Williams, 33, was arrested by Seattle police after babysitting a family friend’s child on January 10.

William’s husband Christopher Peters had arranged for his wife to watch his co-worker’s child, and the baby girl, whose name has not been released, was in Williams’ care as of 8am that morning.

Charged: Mabinty Williams was arrested for second degree assault of a child after the baby she was watching was found with detergent down her throat

By the time the police arrived at noon, Williams had called her husband 16 times to complain about the child or ask him questions about getting the car seat out of the car, or how to change a diaper.

Her behavior became erratic and Peters drove his company’s car home to check on Williams and the child.

‘You have to take the baby back,’ Williams told Mr Peters.

He agreed that he would but he needed to return the car first so he…………… continues on Daily Mail

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Doings Calendar for Jan. 26 – Chicago Sun-Times
News from Doings Calendar for Jan. 26 – Chicago Sun-Times:

Updated: January 25, 2012 12:08PM

The Doings welcomes items for the Community Calendar. Items must be received a minimum of 10 days prior to publication. Email items to doingsnews@pioneerlocal.com.


WDCB Jazz Salon at Mayslake — Enjoy an evening of jazz featuring Claudia Hommel and Bobby Schiff from 7:30-9 p.m. Feb. 9 at the Mayslake Peabody Estate, 1717 W. 31st St., Oak Brook. Adults only; $ 25 premium seating; $ 20 general admission; and $ 18 for seniors over 65 and students and groups of six or more. For tickets, call (630) 206-9566.

The Runner’s Soul, 5 S. La Grange Road, La Grange, will feature a Newton Natural Form Running Clinic from 1-3 p.m. Jan. 28. The clinic will consist of hands-on instruction for form, posture and gait, followed by a one-mile run for runners new to natural running or a three-mile run for individuals who have been running in Newton form. The total clinic may last up to 2 hours. The clinic will end with a question-and-answer session and light snacks. Call (708) 354-7685.

Cantigny Park’s Robert R. McCormick Museum, 1S151 Winfield Road, Wheaton, will welcome the Alba Quartet at 3 p.m. Feb. 12. The Alba Quartet is comprised of flute…………… continues on Doings Calendar for Jan. 26 – Chicago Sun-Times

… Read the full article

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