Nobody really wants to spend their time cleaning, doing laundry or other household chores, but keeping up a clean house over the course of a week is better than waiting to tackle it all at once. Another term for this is the “Swiss Cheese” method, because it’s all about punching small holes when you have a spare minute. So round up the family and rely on an all-hands approach to add some family fun and cut time in half.

  1. Play a fun game right before dinner to make use of spare time and get the kids involved. Ask the kids to round up all the trash bins in the house and bring them to the kitchen. Whoever gets the most baskets in under a minute wins! Spending an extra 60 seconds now can save much more time later.
  2. Turn laundry into a treasure hunt and you’ll have no shortage of helpers. Families go through load after load of lau…………… continues on Huffington Post