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3 easy grooming tips for your dog

3 easy grooming tips for your dog
News from ABS CBN News:

MANILA, Philippines — Dog grooming used to serve a more functional purpose mainly for hunting in the old days, but dog maintenance has evolved with the times.

“I think the demand is pretty big not only because of the show exhibitions, but also because the number of households that own dogs is increasing. Of course, a lot of them would want their dogs groomed properly,” Albert Dichaves, a director of the Philippine Canine Club Inc., said.

Dichaves, who trained in Australia, said grooming can make their dogs not only look good but also feel their best. “The groomer should know everything about the breed; how it should be groomed, and how the dog should look after being groomed, and how the coat should perform specifically in the show ring,” he said.

For common dog owners, here are some tips that can be done at home:

1. Hair care. Long and medium-haired dogs require high-maintenance to keep their hair mat and tick-free. Short-haired dogs need less attention in terms of mat prevention and removal. But regardless of hair length, dogs must be given a bath once a week to help dogs shed hair properly and for their general health.

2. Nail care. Don’t cut your dog’s nails too short; they can get hurt and develop a strong disliking to nail trimming, making it a challenging task in the future. You should cut your dog’s nails when they are alread…………… continues on ABS CBN News

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