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3 Tips for Safely Cleaning Up Mold

3 Tips for Safely Cleaning Up Mold
News from Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter:

Note:  The information below is a layperson’s guide to mold issues.  This doesn’t constitute legal, health or professional advice.  Seek advice from appropriate professionals on any mold issues in your property.

We all have heard at least one horror story about mold. You probably know that mold is a fungus – actually, there are many types of mold, and they are all different types of fungi – that grows in moist conditions. When you encounter a building that has been “infected” with mold, you definitely need to have it checked to make sure that the infiltration is not a threat to present or future inhabitants’ health. For the purposes of this article, however, we will assume that the mold in question has been determined to be a fairly minor issue and simply needs to be cleaned up thoroughly and effectively so that the problem does not recur.

Generally, if the area of mold is fewer than three patches in total, each smaller than a square meter, you can clean up th…………… continues on Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter
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