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5 Dog Grooming Tips

5 Dog Grooming Tips
News from Healthy Fur, Teeth, Ears and Nails – The Bakersfield Voice:

Using a specialist dog groomer is actually good decision considering professional dog grooming companies know about the correct technique to groom dogs plus they know what is perfect for your specified breed. How often you must take your dog to your groomer depends heavily relating to the breed of your dog. It also is determined by your dog’s way of living. Ask your family pet groomer how often they think it’s best to bring your puppy for grooming to keep your ex looking and feeling their best. Between visits, it is important that you continually groom your canine friend as well. The following tips are with a professional dog groomer and they will let you maintain your dog’s the teeth, skin, fur and your overall health.

SCRUBBING: Between visits for the groomer, brushing your pet dog not only eliminates the loose fur and is great for shedding, but what’s more, it stimulates the skin and helps with circulation. If you have a long haired canine, brushing is mainly important. Brushing your doggies fur can even help to prevent mats and tangles and protect your ex from having to be shaved or coming from endless brushing (which your pet will not treasure!) A groomer will brush your canine friend, normally before shampooing, and will let you know if they detect any parasites to the skin. Shedding is mostly a natural process for ones pet. Many groomers employ a Furminato…………… continues on Healthy Fur, Teeth, Ears and Nails – The Bakersfield Voice

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County Fare: 10 tips for backyard barbecuers
News from Red Bluff Daily News:

Skewered shrimp wrapped in bacon rest next to fresh peaches on Eric Devlin’s grill. ( MCT photo )

Eric Devlin has enjoyed cooking outdoors for as long as he can remember, but about six years ago, it dawned on the Dix Hills, N.Y., event manager that grilling “isn’t just a matter of throwing meat on a hot grill.”

Devlin, now an avid competition barbecuer and editor of the online BBQ magazine Smoke Signals, realized that to get better results, he was “going to have to become more systematic about grilling, pay more attention to basic skills.”

Here are his top 10 tips for becoming a better griller:

1. Clean the grill when it’s hot.
Food won’t stick to a clean grill. And, what’s more, Devlin said, “the crud left over from last night’s meal will impart an acrid flavor that you don’t want.” There are scores of grill-cleaning products out there, but Devlin’s method is simple and cheap: “As soon as you take the food off the grill, use a good grill brush to scrape it down.”

2. Pay attention to your fuel.
Devlin isn’t a fu…………… continues on Red Bluff Daily News

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