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6 tips for spring cleaning

6 tips for spring cleaning
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SPRING HAS ALMOST SPRUNG: Don’t groan with lack of enthusiasm, spring cleaning is human nature!

If you think spring cleaning is just for the uber OCDs in the world, you’re wrong. Like a lot of things that derive from our ‘cave men days’, the annual task of cleaning and taking out the trash goes a lot deeper than wanting to scrub those germs out of the kitchen bench, or overload our senses with the strong smell of bleach.

“Humans are physiologically designed to refresh and revitalise,” says Sarah Laurie, a lifestyle coach and author.

“The word clutter is derived from the word clotter, which means to coagulate and so where there is disorder, clutter or un-cleanliness, in theory, our energy becomes slow and stagnates. 

Accordingly, when we are surrounded by mess, it leads us to not think as clearly, we are more likely to procrastinate, and we become more tired and irritable.” 

Make sense really. Are you fearful to open up your cupboards as you aren’t sure what might fall out and injure you? Does it frustrate you that you’ve run out of room under the bed – your usual go-to place for redistributing the clutter? Does the thought of just walking into the spare bedroom make you feel exhausted?

If you have answered yes to thes…………… continues on Stuff.co.nz

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