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8 Tips To Clean Home After Thanksgiving

8 Tips To Clean Home After Thanksgiving
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First, you clean up your home for Thanksgiving and decorate it for your family. And after the festivities are over, it again comes down to you to clean up after the party. It is always double work for the homemaker or the lady of the house. After a huge family event like Thanksgiving, the house is bound to become a mess. The only way to clean up your home to begin where you started.

First of all, you need to clean up your kitchen. Thanksgiving is a feast and your kitchen has churned out all the delicacies, so it is bound to be dirty. I always feel that when we work alone in the kitchen, it stays much cleaner. But on a festive day, too many people come in to help and dirty your kitchen unnecessarily.

The next place to clean at home would certainly be your dinning table. This is where all the left over food from your party must be lying. Gravy spills, sauce spots, oil stains will be abundant. It is best to save half the day for your dinning room. The leftover food needs to be packed off into the refrigerator and the cutlery/crockery must be put to wash.

Other than these you will have dusty floors, stained carpets and some broken glasses for sure. Here are 8 smart tips for cleaning up your home post-Thanksgiving. It will not make your job easy but it will give you a strategy to begin with.

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