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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » AAA gives 5 Tips for Cleaning your Car after the Thaw

AAA gives 5 Tips for Cleaning your Car after the Thaw

AAA gives 5 Tips for Cleaning your Car after the Thaw
News from Clarksville Online:

Knoxville, TN – Your shiny car is probably three dirty shades of grey after driving through the snow, slush and salt during the last two weeks.  In fact, your car could be corroding in some secret places, and reversing the effects may not be as easy as a simple car wash.

“In addition to the build-up on the body of the vehicle, damage can occur to the undercarriage as well,” said Jack Wilson, field business manager, Tennessee Approved Auto Repair. “Proper cleaning can help combat corrosion to vital parts such as brake lines and fuel tanks, and time could be a facto…………… continues on Clarksville Online

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The best tips to spring clean your tech: Make your smart devices sparkle like …
News from Cool Mom Tech:

Ready for the best tips to help you spring clean your tech? Hey, it doesn’t even have to be spring. The way we are constantly putting our hands all over the faces of our smart devices, you would think we were John Travolta at the Oscars. Sticky fingerprints, greasy smudges, scratchy crumbs, and plenty of germs — our tech workhorses endure it all. Sounds like these gadgets have more than earned a nice spiffying, yes?

Here, a few of my favorite safe and easy tips to clean your tech in any season.

Tips to Spring Clean Your Tech: Touchscreens

1. Go easy.
Whether it’s your Galaxy Tab or iPhone 6, gentle is the rule of thumb for all touch screens. Steer clear of harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach or alcohol. You also want to go easy on water. As any parent whose smartphone suffered the Tossed in Toilet By Toddler treatment can tell you, the two don’t mix well.

2. Wipe it. Wipe it good. 
Opt for some tried-and-true screen cleaning wipes like Cool Mom Tech fave Wireless Wipes (above). They’re non-corrosive, dry fast and don’t leave behind any streaks, so these antibacterial wipes are definit…………… continues on Cool Mom Tech

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