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All About Your Dog’s Teeth

All About Your Dog’s Teeth
News from Global Animal:

(PET HEALTH) Wondering why your dog’s breath is so stinky? When was the last time they had their teeth cleaned? Get ready for National Pet Dental Health Month in February with some bad breath fighting information. Ciara Black is a Global Animal contributor from the Dog Help Network, a resource for dog health related websites. Read on for why she says cleaning your dog’s teeth is important, and for tips on doing it right. — Global Animal

By Ciara Black

Caring for your dog’s teeth is extremely beneficial. Surprisingly, cleaning your dog’s teeth is one of the most commonly overlooked tasks of owning a pet. When it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth, it is important to understand the best practices for his oral care.

About 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease and other dental problems by age 3. Catching dog dental problems early will help to avoid serious dental ailments in the future. The best way to catch any possible dental issues is to have your dog’s teeth cleaned by a professional, and then keeping up on his oral care at home every week to two weeks.

Your dog’s teeth start to come in at about 3 to 4 weeks old. These teeth will eventually fall out to make room for adult teeth. Once these permanent teeth have…………… continues on Global Animal

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Ask James Caan… Business tips for London entrepreneurs
News from Evening Standard:

30 Jan 2012

How do I find staff without paying the fees of an agent?

Dear James
My husband and I have a small cleaning and property business and would like to employ someone to help grow and run it, perhaps a graduate. Where does one find someone without huge agency fees?
Alex Daly, Guardsman Cleaning

James says: If this is about “running” your business then no one will do that better than you. But if you need help you must assess the risk, especially when employing someone less experienced than you. For example, what’s the cost to you if it goes wrong?

It sounds as if you need someone who has work experience rather than a graduate. If you are thinking about “growing” your business then that’s about selling and you need someone with appropriate skills. If it’s literally “running” the business, then that’s an operational function and involves IT, HR, health and safety, etc. You need to identify what the role entails.

Crystallise the requirements and then put it into a proper job description.

If you don’t have a budget then start with social media – a very powerful tool for recruitment. You could also contact universities directly as they have news boards and e-newsletters you can use to alert students to your vacancy. There are also online recruit…………… continues on Evening Standard

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