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All for a clean carpet

All for a clean carpet
News from Deccan Herald:


A Dyuti offers tips on how to clean your carpet, from banishing dust to erasing stains and spills.

The party season is far from over (in fact, it’s only beginning) and your poor carpet’s already appearing bedraggled?! Sure, it needs some cleaning, but how? Perhaps, you can resort to professional carpet cleaners. But, if you intend doing it yourself, here are a few helpful hints.

Of the many methods, your choice depends on the type of cleaning you want. Is it merely stain removal or odour too? Or, it’s banishing the dust that prolonged foot-traffic has piled up? If it’s the latter, the time-honoured method is to ferry the carpet outside the house, use a carpet rod, rug-beater or broom and beat/shake all the accumulated dust away. Exposure to sunlight eliminates mites. Applying soap-water and brushing the carpet is another.

However, today, people prefer more effective, scientific and safe avenues. The most c…………… continues on Deccan Herald

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Ask the Plumber: How to keep a kitchen sink clean
News from MetroWest Daily News:

Q: Dear Ed: We recently remodeled our kitchen and I now have a “farmer’s” type sink with the apron front. From what I understand, it’s made out of a “fireclay” material. What exactly is fireclay and what is the best way to clean this type of material?

Linda, Kansas.

A: Different sink materials require different cleaning techniques. Here are tips for cleaning the three most popular types of kitchen sinks.

– Fireclay: Fireclay is basically a heavy-duty vitreous china sink. A good tip is to rinse after each use and wipe it down with a dry cloth. Soft cleaners can be used when needed. Don’t use abrasive pads and cleaners, which can scratch and dull the surface of a china sink.

– Stainless steel: Clean with a quality “stainless steel cleaner/polish.” Use a cloth and work with the grain of the stainless material. Avoid using wire brushes, steel wool, or abrasive cleaners. Small scratches from everyday use eventually blend in with the finish.

– C…………… continues on MetroWest Daily News

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