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An LA Stylist’s Top Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

An LA Stylist’s Top Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet
News from Racked:

You’ve pledged to have a spectacular year in the sack, at the gym, and in LA’s great outdoors, so let’s circle back to your abode—particularly, your wardrobe. Whether you’ve still got some blinged-out tracksuits stashed in the back, you’re convinced that last year’s

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News from The Canberra Times:

Missed a spot: 10 things you’re cleaning wrong. Photo: Getty Images

Your house is dirtier than you think.

Sure, you’ve removed any obvious signs of dirt and grime and the remnants of last night’s dinner have been disposed of, but unfortunately, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t apply to germs and bacteria.

A single cup of vinegar will kill off any bacteria that may be present in your wash load. 

Reader’s Digest

A 30-minute binge saves time, but the consequences could be bad for your health.

In fact, here are 10items you didn’t know you were cleaning wrong.


1. Toilet

The toilet seat isn’t the dirtiest item in the bathroom – behind it is.

Even though great care and attention is taken to ke…………… continues on The Canberra Times

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If you’re old enough to remember Erma Bombeck’s irreverent look at life, you’ll love this book. It’s funny, entertaining and show…

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