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Ask a Builder: how to remove mold from your home

Ask a Builder: how to remove mold from your home
News from Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:

FAIRBANKS – Q: How do I remove mold found in a house?

A: Mold is a type of fungus that decomposes dead organic material. We encounter mold every day — some foods, drinks, and medications are derived from molds, mold grows outside on decaying trees and other materials, and mold spores, the reproductive cores by which mold reproduces, are found virtually everywhere. Problems arise when molds are given a chance to grow in homes. 

Moist areas tend to create an environment that is attractive to molds where spores can land and grow into mold colonies. Visible examples of moisture and mold prone areas in a home would include bathrooms, areas around window frames, kitchens and cooler spots on exterior walls behind furniture or in closets where air doesn’t circulate well. Concentrated areas of mold growth are dangerous to have in a home and should be removed. A colony will release mold spores, which can cause respiratory issues or aggravate asthma and allergies. This is the first of a two-part series on mold. Next week, we will address how to prevent mold growth in a home.


Q: Should I clean up the mold myself?

A: You usually can clean small ar…………… continues on Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

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News from Here is one household superstar: Cornstarch! – Brandon Sun:


When making a great sweet-and-sour pork dish, use a quick dredge through cornstarch seasoned with pepper to prepare the pork for sauteing in sesame oil.

What is cornstarch? Cornstarch, sometimes called corn flour, is the starch of corn. It is ground from the endosperm or white heart, of the corn kernel.

Cornstarch is great for thickening gravy but that isn’t all its good for!

everything but gravy

• Carpet freshener recipe: Combine three quarter cups baking soda, two tablespoons cornstarch, and one quarter cup perfumed talcum powder. Sprinkle on dry carpet, let stand five to 15 minutes, vacuum.

• Extra shiny windows: Clean windows as normal, then put cornstarch in a pail with water, (enough to soak a cloth) wipe the windows, dry with a clean cloth. It really works, I’ve tried it myself. Submitted by: Tina from Corner Brook, Newfoundland

• Shine your car: When buffing your car, sprinkle one tabl…………… continues on Here is one household superstar: Cornstarch! – Brandon Sun

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