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AstraZeneca sheds teeth

AstraZeneca sheds teeth
News from Investors Chronicle:

24 June 2011
Written by:
Julian Hofmann

What’s new

■ Dental unit sold for £621m

■ Good prospects for Onglyza diabetes product

■ Regulatory decision due on Brilinta blood-thinning drug

AstraZeneca has just done a spot of spring-cleaning, with the $ 1.8bn (£621m) sale of its medical devices unit, Astra Tech, to Dentsply – a private company. Dentsply specialises in selling a variety of dental and medical equipment.

The Astra Tech unit was certainly an anomaly in the context of AstraZeneca’s main business and was inherited from the Swedish part of the group at the time of the merger. It manufactures fiddly bits of equipment for dentists, such as implants, catheters and breathing masks. Astra Tech was counted as something of a rounding item on AstraZeneca’s boo…………… continues on Investors Chronicle
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