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‘Awesome’ company announced for Surry

‘Awesome’ company announced for Surry
News from Mount Airy News:

Tom Joyce | The News

L.D. Hardas, owner and president of Awesome Products Inc., speaks during a program this morning announcing its plans to open a manufacturing plant in Mount Airy. Containers for the various cleaning supplies the company makes are pictured alongside Hardas.


Friday was an “awesome” day for Mount Airy…………… continues on Mount Airy News

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The downbeat world of the “Walmart moms”
News from Newsworks.org:

President Obama may sincerely believe that “the state of the union is strong,” but the mood in the aisles of Walmart is apparently far less sanguine.

Or so I conclude, after spending 90 minutes last night behind a two-way mirror, watching 10 “Walmart moms” sit around a conference table and lament the national condition. Granted, a focus group is by definition unscientific, and this particular focus group was…how shall I put this charitably…a tad clueless about certain policies. (Obamacare, said ill-informed Sibohan, is “socialized medicine. “You’ll be waiting five years for a hysterectomy!”). But all 10 of them voted in 2012, their votes count the same as everyone else’s votes, and research shows that Walmart moms – women with kids at home who shop at the chain at least once a month – have been a key swing voting group in the last several elections.

Walmart moms are being closely tracked by Public Opinion Strategies, a Washington Republican polling firm, and a Democratic counterpart, Momentum Analysis. They coined the term. They’ve also discovered that Walmart moms (14 percent of all voters) swung to Obama in 2008, to the Republican congressional candidates in the 2010 midterms, then back to Obama last November……………. continues on Newsworks.org

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