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Best detergents for smelly sports and camp gear

Best detergents for smelly sports and camp gear
News from ConsumerReports.org:

All across America, kids are coming home from summer camp with duffel bags full of seriously soiled clothing, some of which haven’t have seen the inside of a washing machine in weeks. At the same time, pre-season sport camps are ramping up just as temperatures are peaking. The result is a fearsome mix of smell and stains, including grass, mud, blood, sweat, syrup, and more. If you’re the unlucky parent in charge of these rank, festering laundry piles, you don’t want to leave the job to just any detergent. Here are the few winners from our latest laundy detergent Ratings that can stand up to the end-of-summer challenge.

High-efficiency champ
If you have a front-loader or high-efficiency top-loader, consider Tide Ultra Stain Release. At 25 cents per load, this liquid detergent costs more than most, but it was tops in our tests at overall cleaning power, vanquishing grass, blood, and dust sebum (whi…………… continues on ConsumerReports.org

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House cleaning means the exterior, too
News from The Southern:

House cleaning isn’t just an inside job. Your siding, driveway and garage floor get dirty, too. And just as a freshly cleaned car seems to drive better, a spic-and-span exterior feels great to come home to.


You can clean it the tried-and-true way, rinsing with a hose, using a long-handled brush to scrub with soapy water (laundry detergent works) and then rinsing well.

To remove mildew or algae, consider a hand-pump garden sprayer and oxygen bleach (NOT chlorine, which can strip color and kill plants). Mix powdered oxygen bleach with warm water, stir and apply with a long-handled brush to dry siding. Let it work for about 10 minutes. Use a water hose to rinse well.

You may be tempted to use a power washer, but use caution and start with the lowest setting. Water jets can injure people and damage masonry, stucco or wood siding, and may force water through seams of vinyl-siding panels. Also, power washing alone will not remove mold or mildew.

If you use a pressure washer, be sure to wear eye protection. Start at the top of your house and work down, directing the water downward and going side to side across the siding.

Concrete driveway or garage floor

Concrete is porous and will hold stains if vehicle fluids like oil, grease and antifreeze are allowed to linger. Other stains can come from tires, mold, mildew…………… continues on The Southern

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