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Best laundry detergent for your money

Best laundry detergent for your money
News from Dayton Daily News:

If you’re looking for the best laundry detergent for the money, look no further than the house brand at one of my favorite stores.

The latest issue of Consumer Reports gives “best buy” checkmarks to two detergents for front or high-efficiency (HE) top-loaders. Both show that it’s entirely possible to pay twice as much for roughly equivalent cleaning power from the industry leader… but why would you want to?!

  • Wisk Deep Clean (liquid) costs 14 cents a load and scored an 80 on a scale of 100.
  • Costco’s Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean (powder) costs 9 cents a load and scored a 73.

Both of those “best buys” are much cheaper than Tide Ultra plus Bleach Vivid White + Bright HE (powder), the highest-ranked laundry detergent of all. At 23 cents a load, the Tide offering got an 82 yet failed to clinch the magazine’s seal of approval.

Target’s Up & Up HE (liquid) — a previous “best buy” winner — raised the price per load in the latest tally from 11 cents to 13 cents, but only scored a 67 this time out.

When it comes to laundry detergent for standard top-loaders, the only one to get the “best buy” checkmark was Tide Plus Bleach Alternative Vivid White + Bright. At 18 cents a load, it scored a lowly 61 — still the best score in its class.

Not really into commercial laundry detergents? Try making your own at ho…………… continues on Dayton Daily News

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Dear Heloise: I was distressed when an attorney informed me that my older pets could not be included as a part of the updating and finalizing of my WILL. But I was able to include (in the will), as a REQUEST, that my wishes be carried out concerning them. He stated that the request (their euthanasia and cremations at a specified facility) are not enforceable. He stated, “Who is going to check?”

I was heartbroken. Laws may vary from one state to another. My dinnerware will be bequeathed, but my beloved pets’ care and final resting place are considered only a request. — Heartbroken in Texas

You are a very caring and loving pet owner. I hope my readers will stop and think about this and try to make plans for their pets, just in case something happens. The Humane Society of the United States recommends that you have at least two friends or relatives willing and able to carry out your wishes concerning your pets. Provide them with your veterinarian’s information, keys to your home and care instructions for your pets BEFORE an emergency occurs, because pets need care every day. — Heloise


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