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Better Business: Carpet cleaning services -

Better Business: Carpet cleaning services -
News from tips for the holiday season – Memphis Commercial Appeal:

You may be planning to get your carpets or rugs cleaned for holiday parties and guests. With so many companies to choose from and advertised prices that run the gamut, you want to be sure you get your money’s worth and don’t run into problems.

One fellow who filed a complaint with us about a carpet cleaner said, “Wrong chemicals were used. I tried numerous times to get them back out. Now the phone number to reach them is disconnected.”

Another lady said, “They lost or stole one of my oriental rugs. When I call, they hang up on me.”

Another man’s experience was equally frustrating. The company did a poor job of restretching his carpets, leaving visible seams; did such a lousy job of cleaning tile and grout that he refused to let them seal it; and knocked an antique clock off his wall, causing $ 755 in damage. In his response to the complaint, the company owner said the workman who broke the clock was a subcontractor and would have to make his own arrangement…………… continues on tips for the holiday season – Memphis Commercial Appeal

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Space Relations: Cleaning Tips For Semi-Clean Roommates
News from Crushable:

Even if you’re a neat freak, the chances that you actually want to do more than your share of cleaning in a home you share with roommates are pretty slim. There’s something about cleaning up other people’s stuff that just seems gross, whether it’s wiping a glob of toothpaste off the bathroom sink or smooshing down the garbage pile so the trashcan lid will close. When it’s not yours, it’s hard to want to touch it, clean it, or throw it away. Especially if it’s food or bathroom-related.

Because of this fear of the unknown, and also because most of us are very lazy, shared homes are usually pretty bad examples of cleanliness. So today I wanted to share with you guys some cleaning tips for semi-clean people living with roommates. This isn’t a list that teaches you how to clean the dishes. We all know how to clean the dishes; we just don’t like to clean them. Think of it as a guide to cleaning your way to a half-assed home, which is really the goal we’re al…………… continues on Crushable

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