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Car-cleaning care tips

Car-cleaning care tips
News from New York Daily News:

We who love our cars like to keep ‘em clean, but you wouldn’t wash your dishes with Murphy’s Oil soap or do your laundry with dishwashing liquid, would you?  Neither would I. Washing your car yourself carries its own set of unique instructions. Here are a few tips to keep your ride clean and its coat shiny.

Use a proper car cleaner to wash your car

Dishwashing liquids and detergents will indeed clean dirt off your car, but they also take wax, silicone and polymers off the finish, leaving your paint job vulnerable. If you’re loathe to purchase available commercial soap products just for your car – and if you’re ecology-minded, this makes even more sense – use castile soap, which works just as well and carries no ground-poisoning agents.

Just because your car looks shiny doesn’t mean it isn’t dirty.

Some people like to do a quickie job on their car’s finish, spraying with a bottle of water and wiping with a rag or paper towel as they walk around it. But at the very least, your car should be rinsed first as fine particles invisible to the naked eye will cling to your car after even a short ride, and scratch your finish if you merely spray and wipe.  (See below for products meant specifically for spraying and wiping post-wax.) 

Don’t use t-shirts, diapers or flannel to clean…………… continues on New York Daily News

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News from Virtual-Strategy Magazine:

Mr. Rooter’s Daily Tips: Expert plumbing advice on unclogging household drains.

Youngstown, Ohio (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

A drain blockage may be in the trap under the fixture, in a branch line carrying waste from several fixtures to the main drain, or in the main house drain or its connection to the sewer. According to Bob Beall, Pittsburgh’s most referred plumber, “if only one fixture is blocked or sluggish, start by cleaning its trap.” The president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh offers free daily plumbing tips at the new Mr. Rooter Media Center. Beall hosts a LIVE chat for residential or commercial consumers wishing to get answers to common plumbing problems.

“Clogged drains are one of the most common questions posed by homeowners,” says Mr. Rooter. “A common force-cup plunger and a drain-and-trap auger are not only the easiest unclogging tools to use, but also the most effective and the safest,” according to Beall. Beall adds, that devices that use compressed air often impact the blockage and may loosen or blow apart fragile pipes such as lavatory traps.

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