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Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Trout

Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Trout
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When planning to take a few days off and you want to be adventuresome, here is an idea to consider as a viable option: trout fishing. While pondering the thought of pulling in an eight pound rainbow, picture a beautiful and scenic cabin where you can clean and cook your prized catch. Cabins in the woods are a way of getting away from the twenty-first century pace and relaxing in a more simple way of living; even if it’s only for a week or weekend. Providing food by catching, cleaning and cooking fish is a wonderful way of creating life long memories with family and friends.
Spending time while you rediscover the wild doesn’t necessitate giving up all of the twenty-first century conveniences. Broken Bow Lake Cabin offers a fantastic fishing and camping experience with options available for any level of your getaway desires. Visiting the area from either Dallas or Oklahoma City is less than a four hour drive.
Brown and rainbow trout can be caught in the nearby lake or stream with a number of lures and minnows. Your choice of bait is, to the seasoned fisherman or woman, practiced and tested. For the novice person, trout fishing may present a bit of a challenge. Spin fishing is the practical choice for starting out after you have purchased your license. Learning the art of fly fishing takes practice and l…………… continues on The Daily meal

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