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Clean the house like Granny did

Clean the house like Granny did
News from The National:

Before the days of powerful vacuum cleaners and supermarket sprays, our grandmothers cleaned their homes in a much simpler way. Not only did they have to make do and mend when it came to household cleaning products, but sooty fires and cooking ranges also made homes dirtier than they are today.

As concerns about the potential damage that chemicals can do to our health and the environment grow, more people are ditching the powerful synthetics and looking to yesteryear for cleaning tips. It’s time to stock up on vinegar, newspaper, hot water and plenty of elbow grease.

One cleaning expert inspired by the past is Lawrence Roullier White, the founder of Roullier White, a London-based boutique that sells, among other things, a range of natural cleaning products named after his late great grandmother, Mrs White.

“She spent all her teenage years in service as a housemaid, then worked as a cook,” explains Lawrence. “She collected tips, recipes and remedies, notions and potions. When she died, her household cleaning tips – which she had scribbled down over the years and tucked inside notebooks – were inherited by my great aunt, then passed on to me.”

Lawrence has tweaked a few of her recipes for cleaning products, but Mrs White’s ideas and principles are still relevant today. “Her laundry soap was made with lard – meat fat,” chuckles Lawrence. “Today…………… continues on The National

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