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Cleaning Up Irene: 10-Foot Python Found In Brooklyn Apt.

Cleaning Up Irene: 10-Foot Python Found In Brooklyn Apt.
News from Gothamist:

Most people who left their apartments this weekend in the face of Irene made arrangements for their pets—helped by the fact they were allowed into shelters! Of course there were some exceptions. A few pets went off on their own and a few owners apparently just abandoned their buddies. Like the owner of a 10-foot python found yesterday on the eighth floor of the Howard Houses on Mother Gaston Boulevard in Brownsville.

The snake was found by NYCHA employees yesterday morning who were inspecting a leak coming into a seventh floor apartment. The workers then went to investigate the source of the water—the apartment upstairs, where nobody was home. They qu…………… continues on Gothamist
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Tips for those dealing with post-Irene damage
News from USA Today:

Hurricane Irene came, saw and conquered many parts of the Eastern seaboard this past weekend, leaving some towns in shambles while others with minimal flooding in her wake. The hurricane is so far responsible for 32 deaths in 10 states, and is predicted to cost the entire region over billions of dollars in damage.

Here are some other quick facts on the storm’s impact (via Reuters):

  • 3 million people left without power along its path;
  • 9,000 flights cancellations across the region;
  • Up to 13 inches of rain fell on states across the east coast with more than 10 in. of rain in parts of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and upstate New York, bursting the banks of many rivers already swollen by record-breaking rainfalls in August;
  • North Carolina suffered the biggest blow, with at least seven people killed in the state and 444,000 hous…………… continues on USA Today

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