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Cleaning Up The Gear

Cleaning Up The Gear
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POSTED: 3:54 pm EDT October 28, 2011
UPDATED: 4:04 pm EDT October 28, 2011

Cherie and I just returned from a great fishing trip at Cape Hatteras. I’m pleased to announce the tough folks on Hatteras Island have got everything under control. Not only that, but the fishing was great. There wasn’t a single day when we didn’t catch enough fish for dinner. Some days we could have fed a huge crowd. I caught two drum, a 36” and a 38”, and Cherie caught a 42”. We caught bluefish on metal almost every day.Going on a trip like this is great but sometimes when we get home, it’s a little tough garnering the gumption to get everything properly put back in shape. It takes me about five hours to get everything ready for the next time. But the reward is knowing that getting ready for the next trip will be easy. It also means my gear wi…………… continues on WXII The Triad

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