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Detergent can’t replace ash in Bangladesh

Detergent can’t replace ash in Bangladesh
News from Xinhua:

DHAKA, March 29 (Xinhua) — Some old practices are still surviving in Bangladesh, competing with modern inventions for kitchen. Ashes produced in conventional home-made oven and modern detergent are in a queer combination in the country.

Ashes are sold by vendors in the residential districts of the capital Dhaka. Nobody can say exactly when the ashes used as detergent started, but it is sure the practice has a history of centuries.

Decades ago, ashes were not sold as they were produced in every house by firing wood or straw for cooking. But ashes are not produced in townships where natural gas is available.

Ashes are being used for cleaning utensils in kitchen and preparing for cooking fish. Tania, a domestic helper in Mirpur residential district, said, “You can’t cut some fish without ashes. “

“Ashes are a must for cleaning utensils. It is also essential for cutting fish for cooking. modern detergent does not work so good like ashes,” she added.

Joshna, another domestic helper working in the same area, said, ” Ashes reduces our labor to a great extent in cleaning utensils. Detergent can’t do it like ashes. So I prefer ashes to detergent.”

In rural areas of Bangladesh, ashes are not sold by vendors as almost all households use firew…………… continues on Xinhua

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News from FireEngineering.com:

LAKE CHARLES, La., March 29 — The city of Lake Charles issued the following news release:

During the months of April and May, the Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) will be conducting its semi-annual testing of water hydrants. Citizens should be aware that the flushing of hydrants – which stirs up iron particles and other settled material – may result in a temporary rust-colored condition in the water lines of residences or businesses when the water is used.

Russell Buckels, Water Division Superintendent, said that use of water by the customer during or shortly after the hydrant testing pulls in the discolored water, but that this is a temporary condition and the water is safe for domestic use.

Said Buckels:

“If a customer experiences discoloration in the water, they should try flushing their line for about five minutes to see if this corrects the situation. If the water is still discolored, the customer should wait about an hour then flush again. If the water continues to be discolored after this procedure, citizens should call 491-1598 or 491-1599, or after hours at 491-1483.

Lake Charles Fire Department Chief Keith Murray said the Department is required to conduct the testing of water hydrants twice per year as one of the conditions to maintain its Class Two Fire Rating.

Said Chief Murray:

“Testing…………… continues on FireEngineering.com

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