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Dishwasher detergents, one more time

Dishwasher detergents, one more time
News from Philadelphia Inquirer:

I’m calling to order this meeting of the readers with various dishwasher issues, only to let you kind folks know of a recent Consumer Reports study of — you guessed it — detergents.

In the latest testing — results of which appear in the July 2012 issue — Finish Powerball Tabs and Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs earned the highest marks in CR’s ratings of nonphosphate gels, liquids, packs, pods, powders, and tablets. (Laws in several states removed phosphates from dishwasher detergents a few years ago, which resulted in some cleaning challenges.)

Many detergents left food stuck to plates or pots. Finish Powerball Tabs, the only “Best Buy” rated by the magazine, at 21 cents per load, and Cascade Complete All In 1 at 29 cents per load both cleaned dishes and pots well, and dishware washed in these detergents didn’t have water spots, white film or discolored aluminum.

In its latest tests, Consumer Reports added hard-water performance to the ratings of models first reported in October 2011.

The magazine began this test last year in response to readers’ comments about a white film or cloudy buildup on dishware.

Consumer Reports found several products that allowed glassware to be covered in varying degrees with a frosty-white film in just 20 washes using very hard water.

And, while no type of detergent was best…………… continues on Philadelphia Inquirer

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Doctors report rise in children eating detergent packs
News from Stamford Advocate:

DALLAS (AP) — Miniature laundry detergent packets arrived on store shelves in recent months as an alternative to bulky bottles and messy spills. But doctors across the country say children are confusing the tiny, brightly colored packets with candy and are swallowing them.

Nearly 250 cases have been reported this year to poison control centers. Though they remain a tiny fraction of the thousands of poisoning calls received every year, doctors are concerned. The symptoms they see in connection with ingesting the packets — such as nausea and breathing problems — are more severe than typical detergent poisoning. No deaths have been reported.

“We’re not quite sure why it’s happening,” said Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt, a Dallas toxicologist and professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “But we’ve clearly had some kids who have become much more ill. We look at these pods as being clearly more dangerous than the standard detergent.”

Tide, Purex and other detergent manu…………… continues on Stamford Advocate

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