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Double Duty: Creative Uses for Everyday Items in Your Hom

Double Duty: Creative Uses for Everyday Items in Your Hom
News from The People Speak Out:

One of the best ways to save money is to make your purchases do double duty. Not only does it help you make frugal choices in the grocery store, but creative uses for everyday items can reduce the amount of harsh chemicals you use in home cleaning and stop the need for pricey one-use products.

  1. Castille soap. Sick of dishwashing liquid and laundry soap eating into your household budget? Andrew Schrage, financial expert for MoneyCrashers.com recommends a multipurpose soap instead. “One of the best finds I ever made is a product called Pure Castille Soap. A variety of manufacturers have it, though I personally use Dr. Bronner’s. It is 100% organic, and completely safe. The cost was a little worrisome at first ($ 9 for 32 ounces). However, it is so concentrated that it is easily worth the money. I use it as dish washing liquid, part of homemade laundry detergent recipes, all-purpose cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner.”
  2. Newspaper. Even if you religiously recycle your newspapers each week, you could be missing the chance to reuse your papers first. Newspapers can be messy, but they still offer some of the easiest and most creative uses for everyday items imaginable. For instance, do you lo…………… continues on The People Speak Out

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Cleaning Companies advise on best cleaning practise
News from Fastklean:


New research questioned a number of Cleaning Companies to discover the best way to keep a tidy house and how often homeowners should reach for the vacuum cleaner.

Responding to a survey by Angie’s List, a consumer review service, Cleaning Companies advised that when it comes to frequency of cleaning, people should tackle the big jobs once a week, but do small jobs daily.

Bathrooms are an important room to consider in a cleaning schedule, and the Cleaning Companies recommended that this room is tackled weekly, according to the survey, which was reported on HispanicBusiness.com.

Cleaners should start with the bathtub and sink, they advised, and wipe down all the surfaces, which will hopefully prevent mildew and soap scum, before scrubbing the toilet and allowing the detergent to soak in for several minutes before wiping it off. Lastly, mop the floor.

The kitchen is another room that it is essential to keep clean, and takes a lot of upkeep. Dishes should be washed and the sink and countertops wiped daily, while the floor should also be given a lot of attention.

In both the kitchen and bathroom steam works fantastically, it was noted, as a steam cleaner both powers off grime and…………… continues on Fastklean

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