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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » Earth Day 2012: Tips to help your family go green this year

Earth Day 2012: Tips to help your family go green this year

Earth Day 2012: Tips to help your family go green this year
News from Christian Science Monitor:

Earth Day 2012: A handy list of tips and tricks to help your family go green this year, from gardening to recycling.

Earth Day inspires and brings out different feelings, emotions and actions in each of us. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite Climate Mamas and Papas suggestions for Earth Day “to dos.” You may want to adopt some of these ideas and put them on your list of favorite family activities – for Earth Day or any day. All us Climate Mamas and Papas know that every day is and should be Earth Day!

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Harriett Shugarman

Guest Blogger

Harriet is the executive director and founder of continues on Christian Science Monitor

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8 ways to clean frugally for spring
News from Charlotte Observer:

The pollen is starting to thin out, so it’s time to get out the sponges and elbow grease and tackle the spring cleaning. These tips should make it a bit easier:

1. Sanitize your microwave and easily remove food residue by placing a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave and running it for one minute. Wipe down using soapy water.

2. Freshen up your carpets by sprinkling baking soda over them. Allow to sit overnight and then vacuum.

3. In the bathroom, grab some non-gel toothpaste, put a thin layer on your chrome faucets and then wipe off with a soft cloth.

4. Save money by using only the recommended amount of your cleaners. This is especially true of laundry detergent. Don’t just pour; use the cap to measure. With most laundry detergents, you do not have to fill the cap to the top.

5. Clean your windows with crumpled-up newspaper instead of paper towels. Wipe the inside panes vertically and the outdoor panes horizontally so you can easily see streaks.

6. Clean your shower curtain liner by throwing it into the washing machine with a few towels and wash with hot water. If you decide to replace the liner, hang on to the old one and use it in the yard as a tarp. It’s quite handy when raking leaves.

7. After cleaning your shower, spray it with furniture polish to repel dirt and water.

8. Clean cobwebs and dust off ceili…………… continues on Charlotte Observer

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