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Easy carpet cleaning tips and tricks

Easy carpet cleaning tips and tricks
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Easy carpet cleaning tips and tricks

(BPT) – Carpet provides good traction, absorbs noises, and saves homeowners money because it naturally insulates a room. And, contrary to popular misconceptions, carpet that is cleaned regularly is fine for people with allergies. The best practice for keeping carpets consistently clean is having a regular maintenance routine. Refreshing carpets is easy with these tips from the experts at the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Create a vacuum schedule – Removing soil when it’s on the surface, before it gets tramped down, is the first and most important step in carpet maintenance. Use slow, repetitive motions that overlap (about four swipes), ensuring you get right up to the edges where dust, pollen and pet dander like to accumulate. How often do you need to vacuum? Generally once a week is a good place to start, but depending on how frequently the area is used, you’ll likely want to do it more often.

Treat stains the correct way – Up to 98 percent of carpet is manufactured in the United States, and most is made to be stain-resistant. No matter how hard you try to prevent them, however, stains do happen, so it’s important to act quickly. Scoop up solids and blot liquids with a dry, white cloth or paper towel, starting at the edge of the spot moving toward the center. Do not scrub – it can damage carpet and…………… continues on LubbockOnline.com

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News from Willits News:

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Cleaning products are not subject to labeling guidelines, so it takes a little research and guidance to know just what is in the products you are considering.

Have you ever stopped to think about the chemicals in a product like drain opener, strong enough to dissolve clogs often made up of hair? Chemicals in household cleaning products that leave your sink sparkling may also be doing damage to your health. If you’ve ever had to open a window to avoid a headache from fumes or cope with skin irritation caused by direct contact with a cleaner, you already know that there’s a problem. But when you’re in a big-box retail store stocked to the rafters, it can be hard to know how to buy non-toxic products or determine which ones pose the greatest risks — few have detailed labels that spell out the n…………… continues on Willits News

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