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Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Car Air Filter

Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Car Air Filter
News from The New Indian Express:

Your most precious possession – your car needs just fuel and air to survive and run efficiently. Provided these two factors are available to your car in the purest form. Any impurity that goes with these factors inside your car such as dust, dirt and grime, affects the car’s filtration system. This in turn would make your car run less efficiently and smoothly causing more problems to other related components. Not only you end up paying humongous bills over your car’s filtration system, but also continuous contamination will ruin the functioning of other critical parts as well. A simple yet imperative factor to keep in mind whenever you buy a new car is its timely maintenance and cleaning. This requires you to be aware of some simple tips by which you can handle these minute issues yourself instead of running to a garage every few months.

The duty of an air filter is to purify the air sucked in through air intakes into the car’s engine to be burnt with fuel to give the needed power to run. This air is often polluted with dirt and dust which in turn clogs the air filter. This makes the process of the air filter inefficient, thus making your car slower and causing improper heating in the chamber. For the car to breathe normally when at rest or in motion, it is required to keep the air filter clean at all times. With regular use, the filters might get dirty and clog…………… continues on The New Indian Express

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