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Ecological diy scrubbing cleansers

Ecological diy scrubbing cleansers
News from MyFox Austin:

Provided by Networx.com

When faced with dirty bathroom tile or a stove top caked in cooked on grease, it is so tempting to reach for the bottle of Prefab Toxic Scrub That Will Not Be Named or to chicken out and call a cleaning lady. For less money, and without the toxic fumes, you can make your own DIY ecological scrubbing cleansers. I have tried them myself and I can attest to the fact that they work. You’ll feel great knowing that you are flushing fewer harsh chemicals into the water supply, and you’ll love scrubbing the tub without inhaling nasty fumes.

1. Castile soap and baking soda: Networx writer Sayward Rebhal, who is an expert when it comes to ecological living and who keeps her house so naturally clean that her landlord will definitely not be calling a Los Angeles tile contractor to regrout when she moves, introduced me to this scrubbing cleanser. Squirt a ring of

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What Big Brother Africa Hopefuls Should Avoid
News from Uganda Online:

The eighth version of Africa’s reality TV series, Big Brother Africa is calling for entries with specific emphasis on the following qualities; determination, enthusiasm and tolerance.

We bring you some of the examples based on the previous episodes that won’t be entertained and if you know you fall in the listed categories, its only fair that you do yourself a favour and don’t go for auditions, because you will be evicted anyway.

Maneta vs Rocki - In the seventh edition, Zimbabwe’s Rocki poured water on fellow country mate Maneta who in turn got a bottle of cleaning detergent and sprayed it right in his eyes. Big Brother warns of such acts as will lead to your disqualificagtion from the show.

Physical Fights – If you are the type who cannot co-exist with others, then Biggie is of the view that you shouldn’t bother applying at all because anyway, you will not go far in the game. In the last version, Sierra Leone’s Zainab and Ghana’s comedian DKB were disqualified after their fight got physical.

Respect for Women – Uganda’s Hannington Kuteesa and South Africa’s Lerato were caught up in a fight that left Lerato crying like a baby. Hannington was evicted but the rules have since changed, both are to be evicted, so you wouldn’t wish to get caught in such a web and should you find yourself in a similar scenario, you are advised to put your tail be…………… continues on Uganda Online

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