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Expert offers spring cleaning tips

Expert offers spring cleaning tips
News from INFORUM:

GRAND FORKS – With the calendar flipping to spring, many will take part in the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

For many, that could be a fruitful effort, while others struggle to thoroughly clean their places.

Katie Stauss, president of Maid Simple, a cleaning service in Grand Forks, said spring is in fact the busiest time of year for her company, but spring cleaning doesn’t have to be as difficult as many make it out to be.

Stauss said knowing how to properly approach cleaning the house can make all of the difference.

She said knowing some of the most commonly missed places are higher up and harder to reach, such as the tops of cabinets, the top of window frames and doors and the top of refrigerators.

By knowing how to prepare and what to look for, Stauss said spring cleaning even can be enjoyable for some.

She offered five tips for how to be more prepared for readers’ upcoming spring cleaning:

Get supplies ready

The first step in going through a full-on spring cleaning is to get the supplies out and ready, Stauss said.

Much like preparing a house for painting by putting up painter’s tape and clearing the room, Stauss said she suggests people prep before going into the cleaning.

All of the cleaning supplies should be bought ahead of time and be ready to go when the clea…………… continues on INFORUM

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Keeping Your Smartphone Tidy
News from KSTP.com:

Updated: 03/16/2015 4:02 PM
Created: 03/16/2015 3:39 PM KSTP.com
By: Jennie Olson

Spring is in the air, and as you start to clean out your closets and homes, you may also want to do some spring cleaning on your smartphone.

Mark Giga with AT&T is offering some tips on how to clear your device of clutter.

Today’s connected devices serve as virtual closets, storing emails, photos, documents and apps. By keeping your technology tidy, you can help improve battery life and the performance of your phone. Here are some spring-cleaning tips for a spic and span smartphone:

1. Delete unused apps: Even though you may not be actively using an application, it can still run along with other apps. This can silently drain the battery. Close or quit those unused apps, and if you no longer use the apps, delete them. Unused apps can clutter your screen and distract you from discovering what you need. Keep your screen clean and create folders to group similar apps.

2. Polish your passwords: These days, our smartphones not only pose as communication devices, they also play the roles of banker, shopper and business partner. Nothing can prepare you for another successful season like password protecting your phone and resetting your profile passwords. Wipe away your…………… continues on KSTP.com

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