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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » Falbo: Consider using nontoxic options for cleaning your home

Falbo: Consider using nontoxic options for cleaning your home

Falbo: Consider using nontoxic options for cleaning your home
News from The Coloradoan:

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Pesticide protection can include the family’s washing machine, welcome mat
News from Prairie Star:

Do you chew tobacco or gum while you work with pesticides? Ever wash your hands off inside the house? And where do you wash your clothes when you are done spraying?

These are questions that most producers don’t think about, but they should.

Recent testing by the Agriculture Health study found pesticide residues on the carpets in farm homes, inside washing machines and even on kitchen counters and sinks where hand-washing occurred and chemicals were splattered onto surrounding surfaces.

When cleaning up after using pesticides, Cecil Tharp, the Pesticide Education Specialist with Montana State University, recommends washing up outside and rinsing off rubber boots and chemically resistant gloves in an area away from the home and family pets.

“Have a wash bin where you’re breaking down your equipment and scrub everything with a brush,” said Tharp. “Use a heavy detergent and ammonia to help break down insecticides.”

Any water rinsed off clothes, boots, hands and even equipment is safe to pour into the ground but, according to Tharp, if you’re rinsing out pesticide containers, that water has to be captured and returned to the tank for proper disposal.

At the house, take off boots before tracking contaminants inside the house. Have mats in place at the doors to catch dirt and undress in a contained area away from oth…………… continues on Prairie Star

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