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Fall Cleaning Tips: 9 ways to get your home ready for cooler temperatures

Fall Cleaning Tips: 9 ways to get your home ready for cooler temperatures
News from Wicked Local Essex:

Beautiful fall colors mean changing temperatures and the looming arrival of winter. Get a head start on the shifting seasons by readying your home for less sunlight and more time spent indoors.

Clean light fixtures

Shorter days mean more time spent indoors and lights being on longer. Now is the time to change any burned-out light bulbs and clean the light fixtures. Most light fixtures can be cleaned with a little soapy water. If time is limited, then just dusting your fixtures can help brighten a room. Don’t forget to clean the outside lights; you’ll want to be aware of any future patches of ice.

Make sure to dispose of burned-out CFL light bulbs properly. The mercury found in them can be damaging to the environment. Local recycling centers for CFLs can be found on earth911.com.

Clean carpets

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Commercial cleaning tips for your workplace
News from Fastklean:


Nowadays it is incredibly important to have a clean and tidy working environment, particularly if your workplace is customer-facing.

Not only does having a clean workplace facilitate productivity, but it also creates a positive perception of your company.

If you want a cleaner, leaner workforce then follow our top tips below to get your building cleared up in no time.

Floor cleaning

Recoat floors to give extra protection during adverse weather conditions. Floors can get damaged easily with soil, various marks and other stains. They should also be mopped on a regular basis.


Installing mats and rugs are another good way to avoid scuff marks. Place them at entrances and exits to prevent dirt from coming into contact with the floor as people come into the building.


Many stores contain sprays that can be used to quickly clean any desks and surfaces. Be sure to keep lots of wipes and clean cloths around.


Give every item in your workplace a place and ensure it is kept there. This will help cut down on unnecessary clutter and allows things to be found much more easily.


Empty the rubbish on a regular basis and assign different teams or departments to be responsible for that. You should also arrange for  the areas that people eat in to be frequently vacu…………… continues on Fastklean

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