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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » Fall Cleaning Tips: 9 ways to get your home ready for cooler temperatures

Fall Cleaning Tips: 9 ways to get your home ready for cooler temperatures

Fall Cleaning Tips: 9 ways to get your home ready for cooler temperatures
News from Stockton Record:

Beautiful fall colors mean changing temperatures and the looming arrival of winter. Get a head start on the shifting seasons by readying your home for less sunlight and more time spent indoors.

Clean light fixtures

Shorter days mean more time spent indoors and lights being on longer. Now is the time to change any burned-out light bulbs and clean the light fixtures. Most light fixtures can be cleaned with a little soapy water. If time is limited, then just dusting your fixtures can help brighten a room. Don’t forget to clean the outside lights; you’ll want to be aware of any future patches of ice.

Make sure to dispose of burned-out CFL light bulbs properly. The mercury found in them can be damaging to the environment. Local recycling centers for CFLs can be found on earth911.com.

Clean carpets

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15 tips for a squeaky clean fridge
News from The Week Magazine:

Get ready to bust out the baking soda…

Did you know that Nov. 15 marks official Clean Your Refrigerator Day? While not a national holiday, it should be one, because let’s face it — your fridge is gross. It’s okay, everyone’s fridge is a little bit gross, and no matter how bad things are inside your icebox, they can always be cleaned.

And what better way to clean out the inside of where all your delicious food rests before your consumption than with a few wacky and offbeat tips you might not have cooked up on your own? Let’s chow down and get cracking.

1. Pre-clean dirty culprits
Sure, it might seem like a no-brainer for most of us to clean up things after they spill or leak in the fridge (think bad milk cartons, sticky condiment bottles, poorly designed takeout boxes), but what if you cleaned those things before they had a chance to mess your fridge shelves? That’s right — pre-cleaning is sometimes actually the best way to clean. Give everything that could turn on you a good wipe-down before sticking it in the fridge, from jam jars to ketchup bottles to oily dressing containers.

2. Keep things that go bad easily where you can see them
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