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Five tips to spring-clean your finances

Five tips to spring-clean your finances
News from Washington Post:

As the days get longer and sunnier, many of us are inspired to do some spring cleaning. I like to take that tradition and apply it to my financial life.

After the tax deadline passes and everything is fresh in our minds, my husband and I start talking about revisiting our budget. We update our net worth statement. And he usually shreds financial documents we don’t need.

But this spring, what I’m going to do for my financial life is inspired by the struggles I’m having in trying to help my mother, who was critically injured in a fire at her home. As I continue to pull together a financial file for her, I’ve been thinking about some things people should do. In that respect, here are five tips to spring-clean your finances:

● Put your important papers in a portable fireproof and waterproof safe. My mother kept most of her paperwork in her bedroom, which is where the fire started. Almost all of her important papers were destroyed.The history of who she was financially largely went up in smoke.

Increasingly, most of the financial information you need can be accessed online as organizations strive to have customers go paperless. But there are some documents you need to keep handy and safe — your Social Security card, passport, certificates of birth and marriage or divorce documents. In filling out paperwork, certain companies may requi…………… continues on Washington Post

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