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Get Organized! Cleaning Pros Offer Tips

Get Organized! Cleaning Pros Offer Tips
News from Entrepreneur:

Something about the nice weather brings out the cleaning bug.

Chalk it up to longer days, summer moves, remodeling projects and the compulsion to throw open the windows and start fresh. Not surprisingly, franchises that specialize in these areas see business pick up in late spring and early summer.

We spoke to outfits that provide everything from decluttering to reorganizing. Here’s a look at what’s trending in each area – plus tips on how you can get organized yourself.


Betsy Fein, founder of Clutterbusters, a Rockville, Md. personal organization franchisor, says every season brings different clientele. In the winter, it’s customers who have made New Year’s resolutions; in the fall, it’s parents or students preparing for back-to-school season. But in spring and summer, it’s anyone and everyone who needs to streamline the clutter. Clutterbusters, which she started in 2007, charges clients by the hour with a four-hour minimum. The company specializes in “hoarder situations,” Fein says, though simple paper management is a popular service.

Her tip for decluttering:

  • Get and stay organized. Don’t think of your clean sweep as an all-or-nothing mission. Instead, make a routine checklist and break it up by room or…………… continues on Entrepreneur

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A clean house is a best seller
News from Chicago Tribune:

When it comes to the little things that sellers do to make their homes stand out from the competition, a new splash of paint is usually at the top of the list. Sprucing up the front yard and removing the clutter you have learned to live with over the years also rank high.

But the No. 1 step you can take, according to a recent survey of real estate agents, is cleaning the place from top to bottom. Spending a few hundred bucks for cleaning supplies, rolling up your sleeves and getting to work will pay huge dividends, dollar for dollar, according to nearly all the 500 agents who participated in the HomeGain poll.

Actually, cleaning has ranked as the top home improvement suggested by realty professionals ever since HomeGain began asking the question in 2003. In the latest survey, the agents said spending $ 400 on cleaning is likely to gain sellers $ 2,000 more at closing. That’s a 400 percent return on investment.

Of course, there is clean and then there is really clean. Here are some tips gleaned mainly from the folks at The Maids, a residential cleaning service with about 150 franchises in 40 states, with suggestions from professional house cleaner Mary Findley (also known as Mary Moppins) thrown in for good measure:

You may not look up when you walk around your house, but would-be buyers do. They look everywhere, so knock d…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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