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Halloween Safety & Health Tips

Halloween Safety & Health Tips
News from Valley News Live:

As children head out to trick or treat tonight, consider these costume safety tips from Consumer Reports:

  • Be sure the costume has a flame resistant label.
  • Avoid baggy, billowing skirts and cloaks that could brush up against a candlelit pumpkin.
  • Be careful when using paint on faces. The paint could trigger allergic reactions.
  • Beware of masks that could block a child’s vision.

Trick-or-treaters will be out in full force, but before going door-to-door you can stop at West Acres Mall where there’s trick or treating from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

There’s plenty of candy, giveaways and more for you and your kids. The mall is expecting more than 3,000 people.

Halloween Health

EYES: This Halloween eye doctors are warning trick-or-treaters not to play tricks with their eyes.

Decorative lenses that change the color of your eyes are popular this time of year, but optometrists warn ill-fitt…………… continues on Valley News Live
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Tips for what needs to be done in the garden in November
News from Hutchinson Leader:
By Nathan Winter

Extension Educator – Agricultural Productions Systems

McLeod/Meeker counties

Winter protection for newly planted and smooth barked trees and shrubs is helpful for their development. Tender-barked trees need rodent protection and sun scald protection/tree guards. That stretchy tree wrap is no longer recommended. Use plastic tubes with ventilation holes or tie boards to the south-southeast side of the tree. Hardware cloth cylinders will keep voles and rabbits from chewing up shrubs. Have the tasks associated with smooth barked trees and shrubs done by Thanksgiving.

Newly planted as well as young trees and shrubs should have already been mulched by this time. Try mulching with woodchips or shredded bark to allow you to continue watering later into the season. If you have not mulched those trees yet be sure to do it in the near future. Evergreens should be watered late into the season to avoid moisture stress before they go into dormancy.

We canno…………… continues on Hutchinson Leader
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