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Home Products That Smell Like Expensive Perfumes

Home Products That Smell Like Expensive Perfumes
News from Styleite:

by Alyssa

Can I let you in on a secret? I love to clean. I was raised in a house with impeccable standards of cleanliness and I’m a firm believer in making the bed daily and scrubbing the tub often.

My inner domestic goddess is REAL.

Though keeping a pet-friendly home spotless is a lot of work, I sort of love how my house sparkles after an intense cleaning spree. What I don’t love is the headache that follows. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around them since a very young age, but I’m super sensitive to standard cleaning supply scents.

The lemon/chemical death smell of most sprays is enough to put me in bed with a headache for an entire afternoon, and don’t even get me started on Pine Sol. Sometimes I make my own all-purpose cleaner, which is way less harsh and sm…………… continues on Styleite

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Like Alice in wonderland
News from The Star Online:

The ingenuity of the Japanese can be seen in the way they build their houses.

It was summer when I visited my future husband in his family home in Japan. That first visit was way back in 1989. I stayed in the middle room upstairs. When I woke up early on the first morning, the room was very dark. I drew the curtain but it was still dark. The sunlight was shut out by two shutters or amado (literally “rain door”). I slid open one of the door-sized glass windows and a mesh window before I opened the amado.

These corrugated steel amado were unlike the shutters that were dragged up or down. The two amado ran on a single groove at the top and bottom of the frame. Next to the amado was a box-like compartment known as tobukuro (literally “door container”) for keeping the shutters. From the exterior, it looked like an extra amado, except that it had an opening. Then I realised that I had to slide one amado into that opening.

However, the tobukuro was the size of an amado. So what about the other amado? Then it dawned on me that the first amado had to be pushed outwards towards the inside of the tobukuro to make way for the second amado.

When night fell, I had to pull the amado…………… continues on The Star Online

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