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Hot water, steamer keeps it clean

Hot water, steamer keeps it clean
News from Herald & Review:

Never in my wildest imagination could I have predicted the response I would get to the column I wrote about the best thing I ever bought — a carpet cleaning machine. Trust me, it’s not just any carpet cleaner. MY machine has a solid tank for hot water, not simply a “bladder.” Please, please do not do what I do if you have any other kind of carpet cleaning machine. You could ruin your machine, and then I would feel terrible.

I’ve had so many letters about the challenges of cleaning carpet, I think we have sufficient numbers to start a Carpet Anonymous group.

And now I have more of the story to tell you. When we remodeled our home, we replaced some of the carpet with hardwood. What a revelation. Now I could see the dirt and dust, and honestly, I couldn’t believe what accumulated in such a short time on those wood floors. Of course, I never saw it on the carpet, but have no doubt that it was there all along. You can be sure that I am vacuuming much more thoroughly and often than ever before.

On the one hand, I love carpet for the warm, cozy way it can make a room feel, especially in a bedroom. But the thought of what’s in it gives me a slightly creepy feeling. I used to think that weekly vacuuming was sufficient. Now I’m not so sure.

And what about those stains? On the wood, I wipe up spills instantly. But stains or spills on the carpet? Aha. T…………… continues on Herald & Review

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Starting new year in a different frame of mind
News from Brantford Expositor:

I hadn’t really planned on heading out to go shopping on Boxing Day.

Gone are the days of that overwhelming urge to venture out before sunrise the day after Christmas to stand in line outside some store for an hour or two because I need to stock up on wrapping paper or could really use another television in my house.

I’m actually thankful for the (local) bylaw that prohibits most retail businesses from opening until 9 a.m. on Boxing Day. I’m all for consumerism, but people need and deserve a bit of a break during the holidays, don’t you think?

Best intentions aside, I actually found myself in my car and on my way out to pick up a few things (milk, bubble bath, laundry detergent) that I was in actual need of yesterday morning. I think I pulled into the store’s parking lot around 9:30 a.m.

To my surprise, it actually wasn’t all that busy when I got in the store.

I had to smile. All of the seasonal merchandise had been moved to the back of the building and there were totes and organizers galore on display close to the front doors.

Ah yes, I remember thinking, It’s time for people to pack away all of their holiday “stuff” and make that annual resolution to be more organized, less cluttered, and more efficient.

Not this girl. Not me.

I gave up on New Year’s resolutions years ago when I came to the conclusion that small…………… continues on Brantford Expositor

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