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Cleaning & Organizing Tips » Blog Archive » House plants need TLC to thrive indoors after summer vacation

House plants need TLC to thrive indoors after summer vacation

House plants need TLC to thrive indoors after summer vacation
News from Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier:

Sweaters and sweatshirts have replaced shorts and sleeveless shirts.

It’s Crocs and socks, instead of flip-flops.

Brisk winds stand our hair on end as we wrap up garden chores like cleaning out pots, raking colorful leaves, wiping down the lawn mower and sharpening tools before storing them so they’ll be ready to go next spring.

I like the quickening rhythm of days winding down in the garden, and I relish the final fragrant yellow rose to bloom, exquisitely shaped, and the fat red rosehips forming on the William Baffin climber. “Rosy Returns” and “Happy Returns” daylilies push out a light re-bloom and the Boston ivy on my house resembles burgundy leather.

Then there are all the heavy-duty projects this year, including renovating a long flowering border and building a brick path from the back porch to the patio I built the previous fall, that give me a great sense of satisfaction.

Now I need a break. It’s finally time to let go and move indoors. Vac…………… continues on Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
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News from House To Home:

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