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How often should you wash bath towels?

How often should you wash bath towels?
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Jan. 12, 2015 at 2:31 PM ET

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Washing Machine Cleans Two DIFFERENT Loads at Once
News from WSAV-TV:

Twin system washing machine lets you wash whites and colors at the same time.

LG has launched its latest washing machine that cleans two DIFFERENT loads at once.  It’s an invention that could make your life easier, and it’s energy efficient too.  Two washers will help to save time and energy by cleaning double the amount of clothes simultaneously. 

Another bonus… you can control the temperature and length of cycles, and set them to start, while you are out of the house simply by using an app.  The system is Wi-Fi and NFC enabled.  There is also a Smart Diagnosis feature that helps users quickly identify issues and faults.

The latest LG model was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

The twin washer is powered by the mini washer, which LG calls the ‘world’s first compact washer in a hide-away pedestal, generating a whole new set of washing options.’  So for example, you could wash your muddy clothes in one washer and delicates in another.

The mini washer also doesn’t have to be used every single time.  When not in use, it acts as the pedestal for the main washer. 

Another energy efficient feature includes the use of twin nozzles at the front of the washer.  This spra…………… continues on WSAV-TV

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