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Hulme retro furniture shop boss goes online to give tips on keeping stuffed …

Hulme retro furniture shop boss goes online to give tips on keeping stuffed …
News from Manchester Evening News:

Ever wondered how to keep your stuffed animals clean? Or how to spruce up a Formica table?

One woman has all the answers – and is offering little known tips about how to maintain the weirdest ornaments.

Laura Geither, 43, runs Planet Vintage Girl, a retro furniture shop at the Insitu emporium on Chester Road, Hulme.

Laura admits she’s obsessed with mid-20th century design and the materials that often go with it – vinyl, chrome, plastics, fibreglass and Formica.

And she wants the world to know that Worcestershire Sauce makes a great brass cleaner, while Brasso is better for cleaning Formica.

She said: “I’ve always been into the 40s, 50s and 60s design of tables, chairs, and other bits of furniture. But they present a challenge because people often don’t know how to maintain them and they often end up on landfill sites because they get ugly quite quickly.

“This is bad for the environment because things like plastics don’t degrade for literally…………… continues on Manchester Evening News
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