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Humane Society links canines with caring

Humane Society links canines with caring
News from Utahstatesman:


The Cache Humane Society is holding its third-annual Links for Love fundraising event.

The price of each “link of love” bracelet is $ 1. The donor will get one bracelet to wear and one to put on the community chain. 

Kirsten Nelson, the shelter’s fundraising and community outreach coordinator, said the goal is to be able to wrap all the links of the chain around the facility.

“The first year we got 900 and that was almost all the way around the building,” Nelson said. “I’m hoping this year we can get 900. Optimistically, I think we can get about 1,000.”

Jodi DeVries, the society’s director and special events coordinator, said donations from the event will go to helping take care of the 45 cats, 40 dogs and three rabbits currently in the shelter.

“We are a nonprofit, so most of the money that comes into us is donation,” DeVries said.

The shelter is also privately run, meaning it does not receive money from the government or public shelter organizations. Money raised…………… continues on Utahstatesman

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