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Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Fresh-Smelling

Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Fresh-Smelling
News from Leadership Newspapers:

Cleaning your bathroom may sound like an arduous task but with these easy to do tips; you will be grinning away to a clean look in no time!

•Check for clogging in the drains, WC or washbasin pipes. To de-clog, pour boiling water into the drains followed by a cup of vinegar. Do not use the bathroom for a few hours. In fact, this is best done at night. You may also try a commercial de-clogger. If the stink persists, get a plumber (a tried-tested one, preferably) to check all drainage leading to the sewage point.

•General bathroom hygiene is a must. On a daily basis, clean the toilet bowl using a good commercial toilet cleaner. Opt for reliable cleaning liquid soaps to clean the washbasin and countertop. For the floors, use a squeegee to get rid of excess water, and then get your help to sweep and mop. Make sure you wipe all the sanitary fittings using a wet clot…………… continues on Leadership Newspapers

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