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Keep your home buyer-ready with these cleaning tips

Keep your home buyer-ready with these cleaning tips
News from WPTZ The Champlain Valley:

When listing your home for sale it’s important to keep it in good shape for when prospective buyers want to tour the house. Take a look at these tips from Realtor.org and Houselogic on how to keep your home clean while it’s listed on the market.

Keep an eye on the humidity levels: Believe it or not, the level of humidity in your home can impact how much dust is in your house. According to Realtor.org and Houselogic, too much moisture can cause an increase in dust mites, while too little moisture can create static that makes it difficult to remove dust.

Keep soap scum off of shower doors: Using a rain repellant can help keep soap scum off of the shower doors and walls, according to Houselogic.

Keep countertop free of stains: Using a countertop sealer will help protect your countertop liquids that can easily stain, like red wine and fruit juices.

Apply a carpet sealant: After initially washing your carpets, apply a sealant to protect your carpet from any potential spills and stains.

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Cleaning tips that don’t cost a fortune
News from Times of India:

You don’t need fancy gadgets or cleaning agents when it comes to cleaning your home. Here are few everyday items that can double up as cleaning tools.

Don’t use your tennis balls only during playtime. It can be also used in place of a plunger, whenever your sink or bathroom is clogged. Cut the ball into half, place the bright green side over the sink hole, and pump away until the blockage has been cleared.

Aerated drinks can be used to clean a lot of things at home. Just a can of it can be used to clean the toilet, sink and shower. It helps in removing any sticky residue on these surfaces.

If you don’t have want to wash your jeans, and they are smelling bad, just put them in the freezer overnight. The cold will kill the bacteria and keep your jeans clean.

Baking soda is a great ingredient for cleaning. Mix it with some lemon juice to scrub your surfaces in the kitchen or any glassware to make it look sparkling

(Originally published on February 27, 2015)


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