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Kids Safety: Top 5 Hidden Hazards in Your Home

Kids Safety: Top 5 Hidden Hazards in Your Home
News from WPTV:

There are a lot of things around your house that can be harmful to children. You do your best to childproof your home to keep your children safe. But there are some hidden hazards that could endanger kids.

1. Blind Cords

You can find these in almost any home.  With a simple pull they can make your blinds go up or down. But they can be dangerous for children.

Ann Brown, the former chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission said, “These cords are terribly attractive to children. 500 children have died in 20 years, strangling themselves in venetian blind cords. It only takes a minute for a child to strangle themselves. Cut them off or tie them up high.”  A family that lost a child created an organization to bring awareness to this tragic issue.  Click here for more information.  

2. Button batteries

It’s hard not to smile when you open a card and it has music with it, but you won’t smile when we tell you the dangers associated with button batteries.

“Children ingest them. Their saliva causes them to have a chemical reaction and they get terrible burns of the throat and esophagus. There have been 28 reported injuries, 2 hospital emergency visits……………. continues on WPTV

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