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Lorene Bartos: Laundry safety

Lorene Bartos: Laundry safety
News from Lincoln Journal Star:

Holidays are approaching and families will be busy entertaining and hosting house guests. Both come with extra laundry.

Safety is important when storing laundry products and doing laundry. The American Cleaning Institute suggests a healthy, safe laundry routine and encourages everyone to follow these guidelines:

Store laundry products safely

* Keep laundry products out of the reach of children and pets.

* Remember to keep products in their original containers with the original labels intact and immediately put them away in a secure location after use.

* Children usually are curious and explore all the new things they find around a household. Take care to keep laundry products out of reach of young children.

Pay attention during use

* Read and follow all recommended instructions on the product label prior to use. Be sure to pay particularly close attention to “caution,” “danger” or similar statements.

* Never combine laundry detergents with ammonia or other household cleaning agents; some chemical mixtures may release irritating gases.

* Remember to clean up any spills, and immediately wash your hands and any items used to dispense or measure products.

* Do laundry in the absence of young children so you can give it your full attention without distractions.

* A…………… continues on Lincoln Journal Star

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Foster’s Donations List starting to focus on Christmas needs – Foster’s Daily Democrat
News from Foster’s Donations List starting to focus on Christmas needs – Foster’s Daily Democrat:

As the holiday nears the Foster’s Donations List is adding new organizations daily.

The list is intended to help organizations in the Seacoast and Tri-City regions assist those in need.

It is open to all nonprofit organizations collecting food, clothes, toys, money, gift cards and other goods for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Organizations collecting year-round are also encouraged to join the list.

For an organization to appear on the donations list, a representative should fill out the coupon attached to this story and return it by mail to: Rodney G. Doherty, Executive Editor, Foster’s Daily Democrat, 150 Venture Drive, Dover, N.H. 03820. The donation request may be dropped off at the newspaper’s Venture Drive address.

For electronic filing, a link is on Fosters.com, or coupon information and the list of needs can be emailed to donations@fosters.com.

It is very important for those who want their organization to appear on the list that they provide all the information requested on the coupon, whether using a hard copy coupon or email. Other than the list of needs, a name and contact information and the deadline (expiration date) for receiving goods must be included.

A separate list of needed items…………… continues on Foster’s Donations List starting to focus on Christmas needs – Foster’s Daily Democrat

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