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Lorene Bartos: Laundry tips for students

Lorene Bartos: Laundry tips for students
News from Lincoln Journal Star:

The opening days of school and college are only a few weeks away. As students go off to the dorms or apartments and do laundry on their own, the decision of when and how to launder items can be a challenge. Many of the dorms have washing machines requiring the “HE” (high efficiency) detergent.

It is a good time to review — either with those going to school or anyone at home who does the laundry — basic tips for successful laundry results.

These include how to check the care labels and how to sort laundry to avoid fading and shrinking, and how often items should be washed. The sniff test may tell you if they wore enough deodorant, but doesn’t always work when deciding whether it is necessary to wash your clothes.

What you do, the fabric type, the wear and the weather can play a deciding roles. The American Cleaning Institute offers these tips to help determine whether it’s time to wash those bed sheets, jeans, shirts, socks and underwear.

* Bed sheets should be washed at least every two weeks, more often if you sweat a lot at night.

* Pajamas should be washed after three or four wears (if you shower before bed, you may get a few more wears before washing).

* Bath towels should be hung to dry between uses and washed after three or four typical uses, or more frequently if you play sports.

* Underwear and socks should be w…………… continues on Lincoln Journal Star

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Clean bathrooms better, faster with products from The Cleaning House
News from LubbockOnline.com:

Of all the housecleaning chores, the one most dreaded seems to be cleaning the bathroom. But it doesn’t have to be a misery to clean the bathroom properly, says the staff of The Cleaning House. Consider these tips:

• Start at the top; clean from ceiling to floor.

• Rinse out the tub or shower after each use and use a shower squeegee or towel to cut down on hard water spots.

• There are safer disinfectants than bleach!

• Cleaning weekly actually saves time – it only takes longer if you put it off!

• Keep everything you need in the bathroom to make cleaning quick and easy.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Pick up laundry and towels. Sweep or vacuum the floor. Empty trash cans and spray with Phenomenal Disinfectant/Deodorant.

Step 2: With gloves on, add Out Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner/Disinfectant to the bowl, even under the rim. Give it time to work while you dust light fixtures and cabinets.

Step 3: Spray countertops and sinks using a foaming cleanser. Allow to remain wet on the surface for 10 minutes to kill germs. While you’re waiting, clean mirrors with a micro-fiber cloth and Glass and Surface Cleaner. (Purchase an original 32-ounce bottle at The Cleaning House and bring it back for unlimited free refills!) After wait time, wipe down countertops and sinks. If hard water is a problem, try Outmost Lime Remover and…………… continues on LubbockOnline.com

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