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Make Your Home Monsoon Proof

Make Your Home Monsoon Proof
News from Businessinsider India:

The monsoon season, experienced every year, inevitably damages both the exteriors and interiors of homes and apartments, leaving the walls drab and shabby to the dismay of the home owners. The colour of the walls accentuates the look of a house.

We asked the experts at Kansai Nerolac Paints for some tips on keeping the houses monsoon ready and this is what they had to offer:

Reasons for damage

The primary reason for damage to the interior wall is the inferior quality paint used on the exterior of the property. Concrete allows water and moisture to seep in, which ultimately gets collected within the wall. This leads to a build-up and creates damp patches along the interior wall surface.

Further, the wall paint may start to peel or develop blisters. In the longer run, this tends to become a breeding ground for algae and fungus. The choice of exterior paint is crucial as it protects the external wall by preventing rain water and moisture from entering the concrete. It should be well-equipped to fight the vagaries of the weather.

How to be monsoon safe

Before painting
ยท Any plastering, repairing and waterproofing should be done before painting. All structural cracks must be open in V-shape filled with white cement/cement-based plasters and any leakage should be stopped before painting…………… continues on Businessinsider India

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